Personal: Moving to Dubai and how I’m preparing for it

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Some of you might have caught a glimpse of this news before here on the blog, but I felt it was a good time to write a post about it since it’s all I’ve been thinking and talking about with Hassan, friends and family lately. From the Netherlands to Australia and now I’m moving temporary to Dubai. I couldn’t have imagined that I’d get to experience so much of our beautiful world at 24 years old.
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Malena PermentierPersonal: Moving to Dubai and how I’m preparing for it

Breton Stripe

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No wardrobe is complete without a classic pair of pointy heels, am I right? I’m the happy owner of these amazing Diane Von Furstenberg silver heels since a few weeks and they’ve secured a spot on my desk, so I can stare at them when I’m not wearing them. Yep, it’s true love.

Wearing: Iris & Ink stripe top, Suede biker jacket (Mango), Glamorous slim trousers, DVF heels, Black studded bag (Target), Michael Kors watch, Silver drop earrings, MAC Lady Danger lipstick

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Malena PermentierBreton Stripe

Kalbarri Photo Diary

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We often seem to overlook the beauty of the country that we live in. I’m guilty of that in the Netherlands, but I’m lucky enough to still experience Australia as a foreigner, appreciating every new place that I visit. After Shark Bay, we drove to Kalbarri, an exceptional beautiful town located in the Coral Coast region.

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Malena PermentierKalbarri Photo Diary

Shell Beach

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A zillion white shells between your toes and shells for as far as you can look around you. It’s hard to imagine that such places really exist. It’s pure magic, especially very early in the morning when the lagoon is mesmerized with soft light and there’s nobody else around…

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Malena PermentierShell Beach

Shark Bay Photo Diary

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I knew that Australia was beautiful, but after seeing Shark Bay, the word ‘beautiful’ got an entire new dimension. It’s hard to describe how vibrant and idyllic this place really is. The clearest blue water I’ve ever seen and unbelievable wildlife, both underwater and on land. Having dolphins and turtles swimming beside you and emu’s knocking on your car window is an experience to never forget!  

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Malena PermentierShark Bay Photo Diary