5 Helpful Tools you need to Know about as a Blogger

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Treating your blog as a business is easier said then done. Besides the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort to get to this stage, there’s also lots of organization and skill required to make your blog look and feel ‘professional’. Not only do you have to be a writer and a photographer, you also have to be a SEO guru, art director and graphic designer all at once. Pretty much. For someone like myself who has got no professional background (read: degrees) in any of the above, it’s a little tricky at times to keep up! Today I’ve listed my favourite apps and tools that will make it a little easier to add that hint of professionalism to your blog.

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Malena Permentier5 Helpful Tools you need to Know about as a Blogger

Laser Cut Top

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I’m not sure if you’re getting bored with my black-and-white outfits yet, but I’m still super into it. This laser cut top and white flared skirt are two of my purchases from my stay in Argentina (have a look at my other buys in this post). Both items have the perfect fit and proportion and look equally good worn together and separately.

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Malena PermentierLaser Cut Top

Buenos Aires Photo Diary

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Looking back through the photos I took in Argentina, I realize how much I’ve enjoyed being behind the camera and capturing the city through my own eyes. I’ve taught myself how to use it in manual mode over the past couple of months (by no means saying I’m a pro) and it has been so much fun playing around with that. Here’s a big photo diary with shots from my Canon 600D and some more inside stories on what I’ve been doing while in Buenos Aires.

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Malena PermentierBuenos Aires Photo Diary

My Tips on How to Blog more Efficiently

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Working for yourself comes with a lot of different challenges, but one of them for sure is to stay focussed and on track. Having nobody looking over your shoulder means that getting caught up in pointless browsing amongst other things is an easy temptation. Ahem, someone is speaking from experience. Anyway, here’s my tips that will help you use your time better and be the most efficient version of your blogger-self.

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Malena PermentierMy Tips on How to Blog more Efficiently

(Solo) Travel: How to get Strangers to Take Your Photos

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I spend my week in Rio alongside my talented photographer friend Tatiane and I wouldn’t be a blogger if I wouldn’t say that it has its advantages to travel with someone who is just as snap happy as myself and understands the importance of a photo done right. While getting the right photos in Rio was easy, things were a little different in Buenos Aires.  Sure, my brother was there but I did lot of sightseeing on my own as well. This is where the trouble came in: how do I get photos of myself? Right. You ask strangers. In my two weeks there I’ve perfected the art of getting strangers to take my photos and I thought I’d share my tips for all the (solo) travellers out there.

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Malena Permentier(Solo) Travel: How to get Strangers to Take Your Photos